City of Springboro, Ohio, U.S.A.

320 West Central Avenue
Springboro, Ohio 45066
P: 937.748.4343
F: 937.748.0815

Strategic Master Plan

Public Works

GOAL: Provide continual cost effective maintenance and upgrades of streets and public utilities to meet the service and capacity needs of the community.

ACTION: Continue current planning for water and sewer services.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Complete water and sewer master plan and begin implementation.
  2. Coordinate with the Land Use Master Plan.
  3. Evaluate and take appropriate action on water quality issue as stated in the city services survey.

ACTION: Develop a long range capital improvement and preventive maintenance plan by Engineering Department and present it to City Council.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Create an action plan for long-term maintenance and capital improvement of all municipal roads and facilities.
    • Coordinate with the Land Use Master Plan.
    • Develop a full life cycle plan to keep roads and facilities in good condition.

ACTION: Review and revise snow removal policy.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Define "limited treatment" as stated in the city services questionnaire and survey.
  2. Evaluate the current snow removal policy and make appropriate policy revisions.

ACTION: Develop a comprehensive program of litter awareness and pickup and a corresponding city beautification program.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Continue the yard waste removal policy.
  2. Explore what other cities, townships, and counties do to control litter.
  3. Examine state sources of funding and ideas for anti-litter campaigns.
    • Adopt anti-litter curriculum for elementary school children to discourage a new generation of litter bugs.
    • Hold a high school anti-litter sign design contest. Winner has his/her design adopted as official anti-litter logo for signage and other publicity.
    • Encourage public to maintain right-of-ways adjacent to their properties. Award prizes for best maintained right-of-way.
  4. Establish anti-litter legislation.
  5. Organize periodic community litter pickup days.
  6. Contact corporations and fast-food businesses for litter pickup sponsorships.
  7. Initiate "Adopt-A-Road" service club projects.
  8. More expansion and publicity of the recycling program.
    1. Obtain landscape designs for main gateways into the City; 73 and 741.
    2. Secure corporate sponsorships for planting and maintaining these gateway areas.
    3. Involve garden/service clubs in flower planting program, similar to that in Kettering.
    4. Involve garden/service clubs in maintaining, pruning, and trimming right-of-ways, particularly along sections of Factory Road adjacent to creek and along similar right-of-ways.

ACTION: Enact a regulation that requires builders to register with the City and give the City the right to revoke registrations if builders do not meet certain minimum standards.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Collect examples from other cities.
  2. Develop regulation by staff.
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