City of Springboro, Ohio, U.S.A.

320 West Central Avenue
Springboro, Ohio 45066
P: 937.748.4343
F: 937.748.0815

Strategic Master Plan

Recreation Facilities

GOAL: Improve recreation facilities, parks and programs to service and meet the diverse needs of the community in a cost effective manner.

ACTION: Investigate further possibility of a recreation/community center and/or pool.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Follow up on Poe & Associates; incorporate past findings.
  2. Study financial and spatial feasibility.
  3. Consider creating Parks and Recreation position employed by City.
  4. Consider creating citizen input committee.
  5. Consider all age groups in facility planning.
  6. Consider working with Clearcreek Township to jointly develop and administer such a facility.

ACTION: Add to all present recreational programs and facilities (i.e., equipment and maintenance).

To accomplish this action:

  • Explore new program ideas involving adult and family events.
  • Develop and promote both sport and non-sport recreational opportunities for adult and youth activities.
  • Improve communication of recreational events.
  • Research and communicate with volunteer youth sports organizations to determine facility usage and funding.
  • Explore feasibility of acquiring more equipment and facilities.

ACTION: Develop "Adopt-A-Park" program.

To accomplish this action:

  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers for "Adopt-A-Park" program to help maintain parks and greenspace in and around the City.
  • City Services Subcommittee is continuing to study and coordinate this option with consultants.
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