City of Springboro, Ohio, U.S.A.

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Springboro, Ohio 45066
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Strategic Master Plan

Strategic Community Planning

GOAL: Encourage a dynamic, ongoing strategic planning process that provides continuous disciplined direction from a process, based on the cornerstone of community values.

ACTION: Establish long-range facilities and operational planning and adopt a five-year capital improvement plan in all City and/or other forms of government (by the end of 1996).

To accomplish this action:

  1. No changes to existing organizational structure and its related laws.
  2. Require each department to prepare long range plans.
  3. Create a benchmark to measure progress in "balanced growth."
  4. Update an employee handbook and job descriptions.
  5. Hold regularly scheduled interdepartmental meetings.
  6. Continue with weekly staff meetings.
  7. Prepare and distribute staff reports.
  8. Share staff reports with other departments.
  9. Utilize land-use planning consultant.

ACTION: Pursue more and better cooperation between City and Township jurisdictions.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Seek opportunities to enter into cooperative ventures with Township.
  2. Continue regular informal meetings among City, Township, and School Board officials.

ACTION: Revitalize and improve the City's communications with other forms of government and the public.

To accomplish this action:


  1. Develop strategic communications plan that parallels overall City Strategic Plan and work within its parameters.
  2. Develop procedure for handling public relations issues (emergency, legal, staff assignments).


  1. Develop "welcome wagon"-type program for new residents.
  2. Develop and promote community programs.
  3. Promote tourism.
  4. Create a volunteer pool and volunteer communications committee.


  1. Enhance and improve distribution of Springboro City Notes (mail, banks, library, City building, retail stores, highway rest areas, Convention and Visitors' Bureau, Golden Lamb).
    • Improve quality of contents of newsletter.
    • Request guest articles from businesses and residents for newsletter.
    • Increase frequency of newsletter publication.
  2. Examine the distribution method of the new resident packet.
  3. Provide community bulletin boards and update regularly.
  4. Publish council agenda.
  5. Publish program listings for Miami Valley Cable Council (MVCC) public access channels.


  1. Continue with town hall meeting program.

Other Media

  1. Acquire necessary communication and public relation tools (computers, software).
  2. Develop resource file of contacts (media, community organizations' representatives).
  3. More effective use of available media.
  4. Develop new media.
  5. Increase use of advertising.
  6. Promote MVCC as an information source for City residents.

ACTION: Continually revise Strategic Plan, along with supporting management plans (i.e. Traffic Plan, Master Land Use Plan, etc.).

To accomplish this action:

  1. Establish a permanent volunteer committee with regular meetings.
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