City of Springboro, Ohio, U.S.A.

320 West Central Avenue
Springboro, Ohio 45066
P: 937.748.4343
F: 937.748.0815

Strategic Master Plan

Fiscal Responsibility

GOAL: Establish a fiscally sound local government with budget control and focus on the strategic plans of the community. It will be a strong and diverse economic structure based on a cooperative relationship and competitive tax environment for businesses and residents.

ACTION: Create an integrated multi-year Budget & Management Plan to accomplish the Strategic Plan.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Develop and implement a computer modeling system to link the Strategic Plan to a budgetary process.
  2. Evaluate and analyze the City's revenue and expenses.
  3. Explore and make recommendations on alternative revenue sources.
  4. Provide a multi-year budget plan document.

ACTION: Recognize industrial/commercial land limitations and posture Springboro as a "residential community" in the future.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Limit, through selective use of tax incentives, the use of industrial and commercial land to those enterprises which generate high levels of income tax revenues (i.e., no warehouses).
  2. Increase tax revenue through selective commercial and industrial growth.

ACTION: Establish equity in taxation and coordinate with economic development objectives.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Move to a "property tax" form of revenues to support additional services comparable to other communities.
  2. Competitively structure income tax relative to surrounding comparable communities.
  3. Implement impact fees to shift the burden for new capital projects to those who created the need, while remaining competitive with surrounding communities.

ACTION: Explore economies of scale by sharing police, water, fire, and administrative burdens with other communities.

To accomplish this action:

  1. Consider joint purchasing agreement with surrounding communities and other joint purchasing opportunities.
  2. Investigate, with a thorough cost/benefit analysis, pooling resources with surrounding communities to provide police protection and income tax collection.
  3. Consider "privatization" of certain city-owned capital projects and public services (i.e., sewer and water treatment plants) as a means to reduce costs to the City and disencumbered resources to supplement current or additional city services.
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